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"you just have to live and life will give you pictures"


When I was in 3rd grade my teacher took my class on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. It was that same day that I decided I wanted to be an artist. This was the first time I discovered that people could communicate without having to use their words. Sitting in front of these incredible works of art, I was amazed that I could feel such a range of emotions just because of the artist’s chosen brush strokes or color palette or the angle of the the subject’s chin. I absorbed an entire story just by using my eyes. I wanted to do that.

I tried my hand at fine art over the years, but something in my technique never quite felt right. Fast forward to 2014 - I was studying in Rome and took my first photography class. That was it. Where my skill with a paintbrush lacked, I felt like a master with a camera in my hand. I took it with me everywhere - on the bus to class where I would often share a bench with nuns, to a countryside festival where I found a child napping in a crate in a wine cellar, on my walk to Piazza Campidoglio where I stumbled upon a bride and groom, which would unbeknownst to me be my first of many wedding photos captured. I adored using this tool to document this insanely transformative time in my life, and the stories of the people and things around me.

After that, I was always the girl with the camera, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I discovered I could turn my passion for capturing humanity into a business. I haven’t looked back since. I'm here to capture your story - whether it’s the afternoon you say “I do” to your soulmate, the week you bring new life into the world, the month before you launch your own business, or just an average day that you want to freeze in time forever - I'm here to help.

a wedding + lifestyle photographer
based in Salem MA, but always excited to travel

Hey I'm Caroline!

NO. 1

I never go anywhere without a book and have an extensive home library. Hit me up if you ever need something to read!

NO. 2

I studied visual arts in Rome back in 2014 - it's where my love for photography bloomed, So much of my inspiration still comes from wandering those streets.

NO. 3

I have two cats who are named after Winston and Ferguson from New Girl. Jessica Day is my kindred spirit.

Things you should know

I don't think I've ever been bored in my entire life. I can ALWAYS find something to do to entertain myself, and usually end up hyper-fixating on said thing. I'm a big fan of thrifting, live music, the ocean, crafts, curating Spotify playlists, traveling, exploring things off the beaten path. One of my favorite foods and my favorite color is olive. 

I love living in spooky Salem and can see the ocean from my bedroom window (and also the Satanic Temple from the other...). Fall has always been my favorite season - my closet is exclusively cozy earth tones, I'm a triple Libra and had epic Halloween themed birthday parties growing up. 

My family owns both an Italian sandwich shop and a seafood restaurant on the Northshore, so I grew up around the restaurant industry. My dad always says that some people eat to live, but we live to eat. I would love to own my own cafe some day. 

Although I'm a Boston girl through and through, I studied business and visual arts at Fordham University, so New York will always hold a special place in my heart and feel like home. I get teary eyed every time I catch that first glimpse of the skyline while driving south on the Hudson Parkway.

I draw inspiration from so many places - cities and their people (I remember discovering Humans of New York back in 2010, which in retrospect is probably a major reason why I ended up going to college there), my favorite books (My Brilliant Friend, East of Eden, The Secret History), movies (Before Sunrise, Lady Bird, Moonrise Kingdom), art, old cards and letters, European culture and architecture.

My husband Michael is my favorite person and biggest supporter. We eloped in Boston Public Garden during the thick of the pandemic after loving each other for 10 years, and finally got to celebrate with all of our family and friends in the White Mountains back in 2021. The cliches are true - it was truly the best day ever.    

Behind the lens

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